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My old Berkshire records from Lyneside (1992-2002).

New records from my present site in Haytor, Devon (310m asl) click HERE

If you are interested in weather forecasts and data then the following sites will be of interest , all are PERSONALLY recommended (some have useful links to other sites):

METARs (Select this site at NOAA for all worldwide Met Aviation reports every half hour)

Topkarten (Excellent site in German, great for all forecast charts, including ensembles)
Roger Brugge (Reading University, many weather links)
Shetland (Good information about observations)
TORRO (Tornadoes and storms in the UK)

French Met. Office (Superb site for French weather)

WeatherOnline (Great site for FREE historical weather data, archive of lightning data, etc etc etc

Met Office (UK) (The official Met Office site for the UK - contains a hidden wealth of information and also official weather forecasts and warnings)



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