This site was in Crowthorne Berkshire and was a typical garden location. There were tall trees to the north and east, however the screen got evening sun in the summer and was a frost trap in winter.

Readings were taken once a day, usually at 1800 or 1700 local. The instruments were entirely manual and included records of:

Relative humidity,
Maximum temperature (18-18),
Minimum temperature (18-18),
Mean Sea Level pressure,
Earth temperatures at; 1cm, 10cm, 30cm, and 50cm,
Rainfall (18-18),
Snow depth (when applicable),
Wind gust. (Wind is recorded using a Maplins anemometer attached to a cycle computer, the mast is 4m high on a garage roof).

There are gaps in the records owing to holidays and absences but the rainfall totals are complete for each month. At the end of an absence the Max, Min, and rainfall refer to the period of the absence.

The records are separated into months, and some yearly totals are also available.

From 1998 onwards, both text and graphical outputs are available, including weather summaries for each day.

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